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About Michael

Michael LePard, LBMT

  • NC Licensed in Therapeutic Massage
    and Bodywork
  • Member, American Massage
    Therapy Association

Our Approach

Our Story

"I started working with stones and crystals as tools for healing and transformation when I began receiving “guidance” on how to use them. A few years later, I found Polarity Therapy as a way to work with specific energy currents that flow in and around our bodies. After becoming certified as an Associate Polarity Practitioner, I learned that we can be physically affected by the state of our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Sometimes our bodies “hold” things that can affect our overall health and well being. That is when I incorporated massage as a way to assist others to release “blockages” and pain. Working with the subtle energies of the body and using massage as a healing tool, I have created what I call Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage, combining over 20 years of metaphysical knowledge with skilled Therapeutic Massage."

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